Project SPOT Amsterdam

SPOT Amsterdam is a new residential location in the Amstel III area in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.


Superior Plan of transformation.

SPOT Amsterdam is part of the largest area transformation in Amsterdam. Existing offices make way here for around 1,100 new homes and 20,000 m² of facilities, including office spaces, a school, small-scale shops and sports facilities.

SPOT Amsterdam is new Amsterdam living.

A cosmopolitan neighbourhood with Amsterdam character. Urban, stylish and dynamic. SPOT Amsterdam will alternate between tall residential towers with distant views and smaller apartment buildings on intimate squares and green streets.

SPOT Amsterdam is situated between the city and the green countryside with everything you need within easy reach. Amsterdam city centre is fifteen minutes away by car.

SPOT Amsterdam is an initiative of DUQER and is being developed with COD Development Pioneers. Construction of this vibrant new residential area will start in late 2020 and is expected to be completed in 2025.


820 rental properties, about 13,000 m2 of facilities and about 500 parking spaces sold to Amvest

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